The gates of hell suddenly opened, allowing legions of unholy terror to escape; sick creatures, with moral compass severely broken, devour innocents with murder and rape.  Hunger was the preparatory demon, our blighted stomachs now retch with nothing to give.  We lost our senses, any form of reason, starvation cruelly weakened our will to live; gurgled slime seeps pursed mouth-corners, children secretly nibble on gravel and dirt.  They suffer all manner of unhealthy disorders, many of them are wounded and hurt.  Film crews ignore all the tell-tale traces, while our tortured souls burn; wretched fear etched on our grizzled faces, expose grim complaints of silent concern.

We had a few memorable days of silence, not one of us dared hope it was finally over.  We’d long surrendered with detached deference, the slightest atmospheric sound made us scuttle for cover.  Miraculously, the latest ceasefire seemed to be holding, we continued to succour, hope and pray for the best; incredulously thought the pendulum might eventually swing in our favour, because bombing had been relentless.  The buildings were now nothing but rubble and dust, we sheltered in caverns hewn out from cellars; with families huddling between protective detritus, still pretending things were going to get better.  Caught amidst bomb and ground warfare, who were we actually kidding?  In truth, it seemed the world didn’t care, we were left to contend with unbearable suffering.

A steadily humming drone alerts attentive ears; activity stops and people run, quickly, to their spaces.  The relative peace and tranquillity disappears.  Once again, fear creeps over bereft, despondent faces.  Sounds, like thunder overhead, precede customary ground-shaking quakes; seems only a matter of time, before we’re dead and all resistance inevitably breaks.  Once landed, bombs seem to explode a million times; blasts detonate double-handed, even though cluster bombs consolidate undeniable war crimes.  There’s no care, or thought, for innocent life; these destructive devils are totally hell-bent on war and strife.  Life, and the living, is of secondary importance, their prime objective is to wreak havoc, completely destroying anything of substance.