Sleep has abandoned me tonight

Left in such haste, my mind to chide

In hidden throes that restless plight

Harangue poor souls, their thoughts deride

Haggled sore amidst thrashing sound

Beyond sweet realms of fitful peace

Where solace and hope faintly drown

Those princely plains of timed release


Oh!  For a draught of quietude

To bring my fevered joints to lay

On feathered fields and calmly soothe

These hindered bones from ceaseless play

Upon bare earth’s much hardened ground

It’s scars and twists traversed each mile

As fortune’s guide my footsteps pound

With welcome face and broadened smile


Fate cedes a path toward escape

Way past life’s tumultuous reign

Inside failed dreams whose darkened shape

Silently convulse addled brain

Let’s soar high above lighted star

Appease love’s tryst on moonlight breeze

Through heaven’s gate left wide ajar

For Adam’s seed to gain reprieve.