God looked mercifully from heaven

Espied man’s hapless rear-guard

It was almost ten, to eleven

Soldiers were preparing to charge

No doubt, there would be numerous deaths

Amidst untold devastation

In a short while they will forget

This is the road to destruction

Aggregated over decades

Irresponsible decisions

Accommodate militant raids

Weapons fired with precision

Destroy harmless, fragile targets

Detonated social arena

As if by ruthless black magic

Civilian death toll climbs higher

Faith’s invisible protection

Is all they have, to believe seeking

Prayer will lead to salvation

From an environment of sin


Real, past exemplification

Suppose ancient tradition

Did factually happen

If post-historic expression

Becomes human progression

People have zealously forgotten

Future assimilation gone by

Dictates what I say

‘History will say,’ tell no lie

Down on humbled knee, and pray

Said evaluation, way beyond

Power freak’s control, rehearsed

Distorted sensory vision

Pollutes validated focus

Defiled personal legacy

Howled catalogued misdemeanour

Post-government controversy

Washed away tainted tenure

Since demons opened living hell

To commence earth’s final battle


Western powers deal fatal cards

– Ominously emaciated death –

Soon, later harbour deep regret

Highlights conscientious bards

Now: take searching, long hard

Look at yourselves, and those

Most in need – who Satan chose

Falsely teased, scenting reward

For heinous home rule, and abroad

Men do plot eternal evil

Sorted at highest table

‘Specially plight of children

Bombed, without food to mouth

Tomorrow knows exactly when

They came off fate’s round-a-bout

Sad world’s fullest option

Sowed seedlings ripe for peace

Reaped wickedest contraptions

No end times lay ahead

Warfare wont never, ever cease