Poet observes fullest extent

Relaxed, savouring Sensi joint

Realized one most excellent

Seated ‘pon cautious vantage point

Poesy flows, inked unfaithful pen

At home rested in sweet repose

Words unveil our wonderful friend

Look!  She’s wearing emperor’s clothes


Endowed somewhat unmistakeably

Potent, burgeoning ambience

Wondrous talent literarily

Borne out, delightfully nuanced

Emerged from crackling cocoon

Increased bluntly bludgeoned breakage

Keenly revealed writer’s fortune

To Be: recognised for courage


Sure, she truly loves poetry

Cryptic’ly let secrets be known

Wrote sublime sexuality

Subtlest proof in pudding shown

Again saw that flighty presence

Proudly bore Poesy on her arm

Lyrics free, oozing confidence

In all honesty, I was charmed