True Love’s affair seemed really strong

Until those knowing cracks appear

Sweetest couple, truly belong

Together; happy for two year

Late evenings start to slightly grate

Partied almost every night

Furious arguments pulsate

Endured regular bruising fight


Works hard, wont squander money

Extremely amiable guy

While she plays district attorney

Nearly always rebuke with sigh

Played poor victim’s card, based upon

Clear evidence; claiming succinct

Without decent leg to stand on

Camera recorded sordid clinch


This time things differed, usually

Exercise benefit of doubt

But!  Stark pictures show graphic’ly

Compromised, he: was in her mouth

Excuses ineffectual

Wouldn’t change swiftest decision

Conclusive proof most substantial

An end to dire confusion


Tears trickle down hot, swollen cheeks

Unashamed sobs accompany

Honest feelings of love; she weeps

Loudly – for effect – made many

Protestations for innocence

To be sure: guilt lurks far from mind

No doubt!  Ridiculous nonsense

Such accusations are unkind


… and you are so elusive with multi-faceted

Allure; estimation must conclusive before

Truth opens Heaven’s door, deep inside

Righteousness bosom, ‘… This and That Man’

Dwell; JAH-Spirit of I rule Salem

Whom great prophets foretell

Still, you notion self, whose purest thought

Is Truth; until Reuben down to twelfth

Our Spirit of Israel Root; over-stand

We chant HIM holy name, because

He said: ‘… make man like Us ….’ and yet

He is One and The Same

And we Haile Him with shout ‘The First!’

Let me tell you: I Negus Rule Israel

And we are not a state

With angels led by Michael

We lock Hell’s gate