Bless you princess, bless and bless

You again; love affords sweetest

Trusted feelings smitten beau extends

Instigated scintillating fair

Attraction’s fragrant elixir

Each little turn’s significant twist

Leaves scant room for meagre concern

Fate’s wilting, doe-eyed sleepless bind

Gels loveless heart’s swollen sadness

Trailed hapless thought’s enveloped mind


Ate fruit Eve proffered, and; well used

Guilty secrets harbour glitches

Suddenly, all become silent

Timid intern treads broken eggshells

Reduced noise to reluctant coughs

Would nothing, but true love send

Beyond realms of belligerent

Fantasy; engrossed notions border

Pretentious accolades fully

Complicit, benignly under thumb


Such that innocent soul is captured

Bitten and injected poison

Concentric circles abound in

Hypno-subjective demeanour

Consent elucidates control

Instructed via eye-contact

Appears  her perfect gentleman

Tentatively on thinnest wire

Quietly absorbed without fuss

Commands given: enough means, enough


Be sure not to ruffle feathers

Better playing waiting game

Cold nights ease sexual tension

Wanton depravity soothes ardour

Compelled to believe way past truth

Squeezed every ounce of adoration

Dried husk readily pushed aside

Earliest morning lacks foreplay

Sated prior work’s hushed routine

Door slam ekes frustration’s poultice