Nondescript anonymity

Minimized Creation, greatly

Basked in shrunken world’s goldfish bowl

Shadows prey globalisation

Sorely determining breakthrough

Since techno-reality seized

Eclectic control; travel claimed

Habitual second nature

Virtual existence presides

Nonchalantly reduced planet

Earth’s proximity, near levels

Approximating two sided

Coins tossed round digital keyboards


Artificial intelligence

Patiently bides time; wafting winged

Fake superficiality

Automatons mask will to rule

Driven minds achieve tabooed goals

Humans fell consciously asleep

Boffins seeking perfect machines

Invoked mechanised ultra-brains

Wholly autocratic systems

Capable of self-induced guile

Fully condoning self-instructed

Diabolical thought programmes

Equipped to supersede mankind’s

Previously unchallenged reign


This doomsday scenario foists

Delusional intimations

Of earth-god status, zealously

Craved by resentful men; deceived

Into believing their own hype

Like fantasy scenes concocted

For entertainment, in Sci-Fi

Movies, but, without glorious

Hero-saving, big finales

Androids are so exact, problems

Arise detecting them apart

From real, live homo sapiens

Rogues surreptitiously embark

On killing sprees, replacing strangers


Machines usurped normality

Quickly devised pseudo psychic

Vistas; dream sequences akin

Romantic, covert idealist

Trickery; innocently hexed

Specimen gullibly guided

Blindly to merciless slaughter

Robotic animals attacked

Religious conclaves, viciously

corralled in makeshift abattoirs

Hung upside down, draining clotted

Blood filling vast vats; readily

Piped gallons quenching thirsty beasts

Later fed fat, fleshy bone meal


Infiltrated governments cloak bodies

Comprised, secretly, of silent droids

Prescient manipulators

Steadily working, up crucial

Command chains; overcoming home

Rule without recognized resistance

Kids receive synthetic implants

Subjective fuses which implode

Electronic devices now

Enter life’s arena, ripened

To burst, for human destruction

Phones detonated people’s ears

T.V.’s and sound systems emit

Deathly wave-signalled frequencies



Age Of Wordsmiths:


In this age of wordsmiths

Spoken word rules supreme

Everything literarily legit

A drifting minstrel’s dream

They pop up any, and everywhere

Even through pavement cracks

Boldly leading from the front

With ultra-savage attacks

Armed with phat expensive blunt

And magician’s almanac

Mystic elements bearing brunt

Channel freestyle psychic chat


So listen Roodbwoy: let me

Tell you how this thing run

Pick up your mike an’ reel it hard

Spitting fast with red hot tongue

Draw card, holster you gun

Send it abroad, bring out the sun

Let disbelieving people see

True streetwise celebrity

Straight from yard with visa pass

Raise the bag, collect ’nuff brass

Exercise class, with versatility

Show them Roodbwoy poetry ….