It’s the way of the Beast in this

Time, collectives feast; collude

Insidiously against rhyme.  Not even

Good behaviour entreats but disturbs

And haggles without least thought of

Fortitude; despicably railed faint

Innocence – probably a crime

Nothing has changed from days of  old

Seedlings arrange with schisms, so

Bold; minus courtesy, they

Re-enact history, taking

Obscene liberty, riddled with

Literary jealousy.  You

Unleash hounds of hell after me

Those tired repetitive verbs

Like nothing I’ve ever heard


Poesy sings for you, lifts her hem

Curtsy shows, respect due reveals

Love’s diadem; Word floats with ease

Slowly lisps in fluttering breeze

Perfumed fragrance loosed covered knees

Roams carefree, spinning bounded twists

Shrieks and howls ev’ry lost minute

Blessed souls found heart’s secret place

Many times old yet sealed with grace

Suitors wage covert, beguiled war

Best of whom acknowledge bright star

Proffers abiding, bold, frenzied

Praise; sweetly beholds solid gold

Through tear-glistened eyes, wide and glazed


Sleep evades each time Poesy leaves

Restless thoughts confound gilded mind

Silent tirade hounds as he grieves

Sorrow, wrought in unhealthy bind

Shrill, piercing squeals concealed in folds

Carry lost, troubled, broken soul

Bereft, at cost, in grizzled mould

Shadowed, overcast, worthless troll

Defiant, yet beleaguered with spells

Deepest cocoon instils limbo-ed

Doom: shaded, creviced, darkened shell

Holds no truck in misery’s room

Devoid of light, swallowed in gloom

Posey’s flight signals sadness dwells


And so, you set to stunt my flow

Connived and plied your poisoned dart

Hardly knowing that Roodbwoy grows

Ready, to pull Posey apart

Rather, than relinquish feathered touch

Cant you see: I love her so much

Prepared to wield my spikened mace

When you try to wrest her aside

This fevered pen applies sweetened glace

Saddled – swiftly girthed – for quickened ride

Unprepared to wilt or, indeed, hide

Myself away from challenge supreme

Quickly lance bow, pull taught my string

You must be sure: this is no dream

Listen!  I’m focussed for anything

And, scented flowers by nature’s stream