Street-life’s quickly gone off the boil

Seriously malfunctioned, when hard

Drugs wrapped around sufferer’s coil

Poisoned brains soon melted, like lard

Sucked every penny out of

Social entertainment – didn’t

Leave any room for frivolous

Enjoyment; those stupendously

Energetic raves have gone, left

Horrendously apoplectic

Swathes of disillusioned fake smiles

Multi-coloured modes, uplifting

Shaded, happy dress-ware made life

Exciting; bristled with promise

Now look:  sad faces are wilting

Hopelessly disfigured; snappy

Fools who don’t care, sink low, fighting

Goaded spite arguing malice

Music was almost a religion

Gave us unpredictable rides

DJs chorused condescension

Sick tunes played – focussed attention

Frenetic uncontrollable vibes

Made life feel good, to be alive


The Beast From The East;


Racism’s alive and vey well

Those snakes keep it expertly hidden

So even the deepest scrutiny

Wont be able to tell

There’s an undercurrent of silent support

Kept studiously alive, with ingenious rapport

A recognized profile

Lily livered sneaks – striking knives in

Backs – using humour as deadly whiplash

The practice of unapologetic heathen

They have an arguable excuse

‘… taking our country back!’

But, it’s really, a: me, me, me, myself

Philosophy, orchestrating racist attacks