Locust plagues fleece overburdened

land, leaving hide nor hare for no

One; violent eyes pitch prejudiced

Stare, proudly sat on Judgment’s chair

We’re consoled by eternal Word

‘A chosen remnant shall be saved.’

Hear ye!  From amongst Fate’s potsherd

Discarded midst Satan’s enclave

Mark high: lintels of your doorpost

Gather belongings in boxes

Blackstar Liners coming to coast

Confound sla’vry’s paradoxes


JAh-JAH prophet has arisen

Fyah’s sacred tongue turned to sword

Chant down Babylon racism

Children!  Stand up with one accord

They didn’t know the other half

Of a story, that’s not been told

Babe laid down, with cattle and calf

Silent wolves dwell in the sheepfold

One hundred and forty-four thousand

Shall stand upon God’s Holy Hill

Israel’s children redeemed Zion

“Babylon!  Swallow your bitter pill.”