Summer’s smile beams visual flashes

Light streams invade bedrooms early

Judders and quakes locked eyelashes

Sounds emit dawn’s hurly-burly


High trade-in botanical retreats

Spread spectrum-threaded carpet bloom

Coloured bells ringing breath-taking feats

Lush green speculates nature’s loom


Cloud-veil lifts, unleashes bright sun

Gardens message pictorial reams

Flower beds burst titillating fun

Random bushes chatter spectral schemes


In such hurry to foil autumn’s gate

Bees swarm, sucking nectar-filled cup

Every stop, coolly procrastinate

Insect heaven coated with syrup


Cherry stained, rapier beaks seal

Migrant’s pact – as feathered returnee

Excited birds sing frenzied zeal

Luscious fruits hang seductively


Roses glistening dew drop tears

Refract emotion’s captured heart

Sullen insurgence – year, to year

Slowly pulling memories apart


This season affords frivolous love

External feelings thrust outdoors

Careless caution combine Cupid’s cove

Out of control adrenaline flows


Physical ardour quickly explodes

Naked lust bridles affection’s twist

Heat rises; times leisurely abodes

Adorn scant wear and cold-meat picnics