Tell me, who is going to say: what is

What was?  Or!  What is going to be

Where, what, when is where

Saw The Lion fly horizoned sky

Through terrestrial clouds. with host

To meet, him; came quality wrapped

External grace crowned abundant

Garlands, scripted way yore


Ancient beknowing yield salvation

Road, beyond belief spirit know

Host computes bearer, stroke vessel

Sweet rejoice bring joyful dedication

Given, and soul born in church actually

Lives perdition – how then worry death

Would have been much better, with respect

Then look back at telling glass houses


So this key unlocked well long

Before secrets; Word assumes essence

Life feeling full, heart and soul

Crowned glory no mean reward

Still you wont guess, to be certain

When angels speak through living

Makes flight quickest live thought

History is, but fleeting glances of

Incredibly concise liquid inevitability

Trailed blood in most mystic form