Goodness knows, searched high and low

For tip of elusive rainbow

Not an iota’d sense, where

To begin and look

But scant remembrance, chapter nine

In that great book, without

Rebuke or promises out of line


Comes down through low-flying cloud

Mystifying glitter abounds, present

Time’s lucid dimension grounds

Nature’s coloured spectrum – Same way plant

Cultured seeds, conceive invention

Without fear or apprehension

Like an oak tree defines creation


Co-rehearsed molecular activity

Split implicitly, must – will always grow

Eventually; same way plant

However million centuries, ago; bio-cellular

Material designed molecular cell division

Like an oak tree defines creation

Without fear or apprehension


Within pleated folds of mine own

Heart – said I must start

To unwind Bow’s original story

Word covenant renowned, breathing

My own sound reflects spectral glory

Lo and behold!  Quickly found my

Pot of gold; end of faith’s allegory.