This certain girl, in particular

Has made distinctive impressions

Her name is pronounced, Ursula

Makes my body stand to attention

She’s not slow in coming forward

Asked – unabashed – my mobile number

Must have thought me a spineless coward

After I completely ignored her


Almost like a test of survival

Cool exterior gone without trace

Girlfriends – no more than casual

Have rarely ventured past first base

I’m such a bundle of tetchy nerves

Especially when placed on the spot

Or, faced with voluptuous curves

Anxiety ties my stomach knots


I kept seeing her from a distance

And then, regularly passing by

On my way to the shops, for instance

Googly eyes made her seem high

Would say, “hullo,” on occasion

More frequently nodded her head

Must have wondered at my reaction

Probably thought I was afraid


To indulge in conversation

Might have appeared timid and shy

Really, I craved inspiration

She sympathized with a knowing sigh

I didn’t have problems with girls

Relationships had never occurred

Close proximity makes my head whirl

Lose composure and vision is blurred


Tonight’s sure to be interesting

Community bonfires always

PromoteĀ emotional gatherings

Pent-up frustration roundly betrays

Teary eyes, with flustered complexion

Openly showing covert lovers

Fight to conceal secret affection

With sneak peeks and disguised once-overs