Rocket boosted, electric rainbow flares

Pepper night sky, flecks illuminate

Pitched across green, green grass pillows

Spaced between clodded, clumped dried mud

Reflections light eager young faces

Stained red candy, toffee apple cheeks

Miniature hands wave bright sparklers

Oblivious to random shudders

Those wretched bangers disturb black air

Torrid explosions randomly burst

Fire hosts community meals

Roasts potatoes: plain, sweet, spice-stuffed

Surrounded by seats – cushioned sofas

Smog silently infiltrates, poisons

Stricken lungs while flames lick tongues up high

Soon home-time, especially, kids

Sing tearful remember – remembers ….


Will o’ The Wisp:

It spoke in rasped tones, very frightening to hear, though sweet when lowered, whispering, coupled with piercing stare.

“Racism has evolved my ignorant friend,” it said, “taken on a more accommodating demeanor because it has to compliment and confide, with whom it considers inferior.” I tried hard, to understand this Will o’ the wisp silent intuition, knowing it would continue these chilling revelations, if I showed enough acknowledgement and personal contrition. “Seeds of selfish ambition are already sown,” it continued, ” the deeds of evilous, greedy men are fruitfully grown; media witchcraft contemptuously plumb new depths, frivolous criteria concerns the demons who are left to decide the fate of poor and defenseless blacks, whose customary position will always be behind, and at the back.  I struggled hard to understand, puzzled by its contingent intimations, as; a black man, what was I to make of such dire contradiction?  I was reared and trained to accept the status quo, feared to rebel and strain against everything I know, yet; was always to expect second best, proffering the more to always receive less.  The victor would always contribute half as much, my decorum had to be preserved with the least inkling of fuss.  Will was actually right: repetitive placings, based on race and colour, was setting a continuous precedent which would customarily be followed.  A psychological inconvenience becoming matter-of-fact, all you blacks must content to always be at the back.  Within no time, at all, Will had actually gone.  My mind attempted to stall while I did my best to fathom, where it had originally come from.  At that point, I reminded myself: psychotic madness presides in the mind, better; use this article to seek help and try hard to break this schizophrenic bind.