… democracy means, swallowing that avariciously tempting lump in your throat, whilst refraining from harking-up and spitting it out, not contemptuously acting the obdurate, insensitive goat.  Nothing is actually what it may seem, virtuality sometimes represents The Real.  When he says no, it quite often means yes and vice versa, saying yes most often produces a no show.  Life is now so intricately unreal, pealing that orange, conversely, exposes emotion which wont succumb and experience how to feel.  Pain exists, of course, but empathy is a question reduced to the common denominator, ‘why?’  They threw away the mould when they made that one. In the seditious kingdom of morality’s zeal, telling uncomplicated easy to fathom lies, is a currency which opens doors and gets you by ….


They’re Coming:

Satanic winds blow Hell’s perfect storm

Ignorant, deceitful, unlearned

Mercantile sell-outs trade abused flesh

Columbus sleeps, a; tortured soul screams

Europe’s golden age – gun and metals

Change has indeed manifested

Itself, hoisted aloft Rome’s cross

Disease sprouts, locust-winged pandemic

Swiftly obliterates native stock

Cursed all America’s lands; Carib

Arawak extinct, Indians; drop

Short of History’s collateral


They found Liamuiga, well placed

Eastern seaboard lips Carib sea mouth

Twinned Oualie, oozing hot geyser springs

Bonded beauty’s spiced special reserve

Trouble hangs around vainglorious

Necks, mimicking medallion

Men strutting victorious sailor

Sufferers scale atop tired mountains

Fevered sick, festering broken malaise

Worn tracks fritter under charlatan’s

Swollen, gnarled, wincing black feet

Bruised tender, sore; blisters weep.


Fertile red soil seeds plants in days

Food is plentiful – grows on trees

Black skin – melanin – feeds on Sun’s rays

Coconut milk, and honey from bees


*** Liamuiga  … most fertile soil (St. Christopher/ Kitts island … Leeward islands/ Lesser Antilles, Eastern Caribbean.)

*** Oualie … land of beautiful waters  (Nevis island …. Leeward islands/ lesser Antilles, Eastern Caribbean.)



vitriolic Gall:

… that dirty despicable devil always does what comes naturally: seething obnoxious evil, pleading and bawling to gain my strength, then traitorously turning it against me.  It spoke in, such: soft, sleek, slightly suspended tones, butter would hardly melt.  Now they chill me, to the very bone; explicitly endangering health.  There’s no sign of conscience, not even pretend remorse, its slimy, brooding ambivalent double standards are, contentiously, par for unholy discourse, that; surreptitiously stuttering, sly, lisping snake – for sure – Is someone I’m steadily becoming accustomed to unerringly hate, more and more.  I’d better hurry up and close the door ….