Said theorized Otherness

Conceptualized foe within

Always other social excess

Kristeva’s adversarial skin

Sleepless nights tossing delirium

Betroth jihadists in marriage

It’s a schizophrenic medium

Integration pulls empty carriage


Peacemakers wont like how this sounds

Classic conditions nurtured with spin

Neighbours quarrel, suspicion abounds

Witness seasoned, cultured in-fighting

There’s obviously tension in the air

Confuses opposed polarities

Bred on politics designed to scare

By seeding insularities


Racism has not been tabled

Rampant mind-games devise absurd

Optional scenarios, labelled

Stereotypes disrupting concord

Quite literally from nowhere

Caught conscientious objectors asleep

By surprise, little time to prepare

Unexpected – to say the least


Vast swathes, dressed ominously in black

Appear to be mourning results

Field workers took residual flack

Traded obstreperous insults

Onus spotlights renegade children

Given free rein, parents disapprove

Pockets of consternation show, when

Fresh faced teens are allowed to choose


Between certain particular brands

‘Others’ directly obtain implants

Slyly administered, contraband

Should be subject to licensed warrants

Secret agenda, in songs they sung

Means ethnic minorities soul search

In this wretched age of forked tongue

Snakes are welcomed in any church


**** Forked Tongue: synonymous with post-truth .. …. emotional content.