Life had always been dreary, stuck

Remorselessly trapped in negative

Procrastination of questions

Which stubbornly refused answers

Or even acknowledge pertinent

Inquiry, increasingly relevant

Maturity shouldered dual

Burdens: swelling, ridiculously

Over-large man-breasts strapped tight, daily

To restrict embarrassing movement

And the accompaniment of

Donkey-sized, hanging appendage

With creditable baubles, to match

Virility’s bulging manhood


There are some, most awkward moments

Undressing for team and communal

Sport, handled with secrecy even

James Bond would have enviously

saluted; stage-managed appearance

In melees of conversational

Excitement – bundled clothes in hand

Never seen actually stripping

To all intents looking like man

Open masculinity, flouted

Like an over-sized diamond ring

Contrasts long, golden, flowing tresses

Pony-tailed flamboyantly, looking

Sweetly in vogue with modern-day cliques


Sometime, in: 43 AD

… Claudius brought black men and

Elephants – druids were trampled

Underfoot while centurions marshalled

England, with Londinium as

Empire frontispiece; Rome was

Suitably impressed, and with this

Significant advantage

Over Gaul – the old, new emperor

Reaped triumph plus public favour

In simultaneously pronged swoops

Bretagne became civilization’s

Furthest outpost, Christianity

Fleeced all other supernatural

Resources, so even The Fool’s

Blasphemous temples came crashing down.


Many leagues hence – Agricola had

Tacitus, and we know History

From the front line, so to speak

They went on to build another wall

After Hadrian’s, deep into Pict

Territory – The Antonine

As civilized England comfortably

Emerged with promise

A vastly important cog in

Security and, equally

Stabilised consolidation

Rome enjoyed prosperous, societal

Decadence; England outrageously

Mirrored Roman society

And Latin learning – with crowned emperors.