Conscience played the biggest part, it seems

After stealing his brother’s birth-right

Jacob wrestled JAH-JAH in dreams

And, duly found himself in the spotlight

… he saw the ladder reached Heaven’s

Gate, a; walk-way for celestials

God’s angels chose, to orchestrate

Endlessly scoped infinitesimal

Permutations which culminate

Babel’s tower, and its erection.


That’s why they say, ‘a new broom sweeps

Clean,’ because the old one is worn

Into habitual traits which

Cannot, incorporate those new

Requirements life invariably

Brings into play – and are very

Tricky to learn, for the old broom

Better you switch, from positions

Of ambiguity which allow

Possibilities for deception

And induce the functions of a

Forked tongue – forever telling lies


And there are, of course, tell-tale signs

Noted in regular, familiar

Behaviour, things; you can’t hide

Freud’s ‘slip of tongue’ is impossible

To control and greed unhinges that

Mask you so carefully keep in place

Many ideals you propose divulge

Artful hypocrisy, wielded

with Satan’s slippery, silver

Tongue about turning in quickness

Likened to cobras’ unpredictable

Strikes, with undeterred conviction


So if you spend your entire

Life culturing and cultivating a

Two-faced personality, when

Eventually, your error

Becomes barely apparent to your

Subconscious self, I assure you

Without hesitation, it will

Be too difficult to change your

Now customary, natural

demeanour, which makes you, without

Doubt, a wholly despicable

Person who ought not to be trusted.