Its something we grow up doing

Chatting ‘pon mic to rivals ruin

Tell how we love shade sweetest grade

Ghetto to letter yout’ must better

Graduate and master lyrical

Trade – turn overnight trendsetter

Show chic – talent and humour

Deliver extrovert grandeur

Expound this intrinsic lyric

Showcase writes vocabularic

Poet of mine own searching heart

Centrifugal force inna you claat.


As I rise and continually pray

Hey DJ come down – play ‘Chatting Away.’

Talking spoken word Roodbwoy

Poetry – go to resource for

Washed up dry balls celebrity

Simply brimming creativity

Amongst others like empty penny

‘ … a million commas they must throw

Abruptly start with a colon

Exhaustive list will quickly follow

Usually boring and extremely long

As I rise let me ceaselessly pray

Father Creator, beg you make we a better day.


‘A Good Poem.’

They so much wanted to make this

Class oriented cartel cliques

Tedious open forums missed

Original offers – favoured

Bourgeoisie friend’s reworked pastiche

Language passed proletariat

Whim, wholly conformed gentrified

Hypocrisy – dishonesty

Aside – disrupts literary

Fate’s undecided rhythm, hence

Conventions adopting postruth

whole new arena – anything

Obviously goes – with presupposed

Social ladder rungs tapered for toes.


An eventual exact fit

Gloved hordes of familiar likes

To become embarrassingly

Explicit, biasedly; nodding

Furred heads spike intrinsic, loaded

Dice, soon featured debate – ‘A Good

Poem,’ so blatantly obvious

Lost souls submerge critical art

Three-hundred-year apart primary

Evidence given over to

Poetry – worded songs whose fans

Collected, and wholly spanning

Well-nigh multiple centuries, dance!