“A very graciously wonderful

Good evening ladies and gentlemen

radio RoodBAF do apologize

For early interference to

Transmission – but can once again

Join the …”

… yes I do represent!  Aligned

Contextually in-sync with

My suitor, or contrasting woo

People-kind much enamoured

Cum-complex-obsessives do, crave

Hands-on company and attention

Crucially!  I infest their mind

Dream and thought, simply; sustaining

Syntax, sound and seduction to

My ultimate persuasion, you

Also drink from my deep, sweet well

Shout my name ringing soulful bells.


“Greetings!  Audience and gallery

We are being treated to an

Evening’s impromptu discussion

With: may I present, companion

Of poets, and legendary

Elusive, both: lady and lord

Dashing and progressive poetry

The one, and only Poesy ….


Ma’am!  My second question crudely asks

What’s your nature – who are you?”


… Of course, language dons me – as crown

Perched atop many bridled heads

Superfluously flashing cultured

Interest, rigidly secure

Posterity’s union culled socially

Cohesive futures of people-kind

Sojourned amongst kings, footstool of God.


“Yes!  But we …”

You are not … Never, interrupt me!


The Word Self, wielding sceptred rod

Ridiculed Byron and kept his song

Taught poets variety and

Beautiful bad, dated keats – held

His hand, shielded notoriety

In due course – absolutely

Raised and maintained Romantic brands

Evermore, still celebrity!


Poesy was gone in the blink

That makes cry – invisible cloud

As if under strong drink maybe

One too many, knowing full well

You shouldn’t have any, now silence

Explodes and reigns; radio-land shut down.


Kitty Talks Word Association:

Definitely heard it all now

Lyrical ingenuity

Plumb new and exciting depths, if

You care – trace and follow smart words

Speaking whimsical sincerity

In protest, past dumb points argued

‘Til sorely bereft – in sweetly sore

Pussy clefts – with sour taste left

In mouth, feeling extremely shallow.


Wilful inclusion determines ‘suck’,

As innuendo, polluting

Innocent diversions raking

Seedy muck, provoking reticence

And meaningless commands, to ‘get down,’

trigger involuntary body

Language – head very quickly bowed

And very sharp intakes of breath

With a silent, whistled sound aligned

To heaving breasts: ‘on your knees’ highlights

Dark, sordid illusions – ‘gun in mouth.’


Followed with lurid penetration

And fluid-cum-spasmodic jerking

Interaction, images of a

Filthy communion cocooned

In mind, synchronised hot sexual

Body functions – dribbles soaking wet

Absolutely rabid reactions

Impossible to forget incurs

Whispered breath, “I’m rock hard ….”

“Well?  … you’re making me soaking wet,”

In co-rehearsed reciprocation.