Completely forgot what it does

To me – how it makes me feel when

On the spot; how insecure I

Become feeling unloved, abjectly

Neglected and unsteady each

Step I take, every task my

Befuddled, uncertain mind tries

To achieve – simply falls to pieces


She absolutely loves it – gets

Off on it – if truth be told, always

Changes tone; speaking harsh, with venom

My mind closes down in stages

Like a total eclipse, things just

Become dark, unfathomable

Tears well-up inside ducts, spilling

Silent wetness making me taste salt


Promised to play the blindfold game

Tonight – and here I am in total

Blackness and entirely naked

Well aware she’s present – in the room

But compelled to play her waiting’s whim

My nakedness is not such a

Discomfiture – not like before

When I felt so vulnerable


She always speaks softly – at first

Places more emphasis on punchy

Violent words which make the air

Shudder, and echoes bounce around

It never fails – making me timid

Shaken like leaves, when octaves rise

To levels of gunshot resemblance

As she fondles and scolds same time


Shot me a stinging slap, one time

Because my body responded

To how she looked – with tits hanging

Out, she; was down in a flash – quick

Gorgeously wet and slippery, too

The inexplicable irony

Hers – to do with as she pleases

Totally submissive, controls me.