Such a vision of heavenly

Dreams, ‘… I’m so into you’ fully

Mesmerised in beauty’s seams – what ways

You electrify and hypnotise me …


So coolly, you wear textile-lace wands

Hitched – caught wedged between wondrous clefts

Of that silky, mouth-watering

Delectably tight ass-band, truly

A ‘ … dangerous woman ‘ carrying

No entry – critical mass – warning signs

Beauty herself in paradise-

Wielding flesh, enough; to drive men crazy

Over the edge, in talk-to-yourself

Madness-land, without any apology

And, people don’t quite understand.


“She’s everything, awe-some galore

Talking ’bout the one, and only

Most beautiful woman – must agree

Without doubt, for sure – now, step-up!

Ariana Grande – to the fore

Lis’sen!  Hear me, when I say this

People goin’ love you more, and more.”