Civil Rights: intimate, indicate

Implicate and, eventually

Instigate struggle – usually

Against stupendous, reversed odds

So a moral victory – at

Outset – seems impossible

To achieve – hence, Luther King’s seeds

Salted away in cultural dreams


Foucault’s disruption theory occurred

In conscience, my; beautiful black

Soul is sucked-in as a result

Of physical integration

Thought processes trivialise

Our struggle – more concerned with food

And desperation always cedes

A bag of trouble, whilst changing

Imperatives place Liberation

On easy to forget back-burners…


Used to pride ourselves, being street

Knew every corner ghetto

Has to offer, and its dead endz

Each up-your-ass when things are sweet

Silent, pretentious so called friends

Slyly compete – flashing postmodern trends


Now it’s all transposed to social

Media – one click, of a button’s

Doorstep delivery high grade

Sensimillia, and those pussy-whipped

Video clones making monies

Out of illicit bungle- trade and

Other decrepit misdemeanour

Whist sat on visibly melting

Plastic thrones, feeling sweaty collars

Sold out to hot, dripping honies

Draped in bundles of rancid dollars

Beholden to churchgoing phonies


A good few angels left last

Year, leaving messages in hope-

Tinted memories twinkling

Starlight sprinkled glitter dust

For those of us who needed

More than most – a giant bowed out

Wore those golden gloves too, only

Then did people realize the

Extent, of the great work he happened

To do, how; he materialised

Eventually, as angel

Disguised – wings were never visible

Yet his work is inestimable

An altogether incredible

Person, who took our world by surprise

With love and sparkle in his eyes …..