… and I’d better start, by; telling you

How sweetest lyric actually trips

As it swaggers Poesy Avenue

Obviously, tongues will make many

Goaded slips – away from virtue

Riotously invoking chat

Ten to a dozen every minute

Until, finally, it falls flat


A muse in a cage – lyrically tough

Especially if prone to show off

And, things get decidedly weird

When singing tonight – giving it rough

Spoken words float like birds

Wings, outstretched guiding flight

Massive tongue twister – like never heard

Slung from stage in blinding light

Enough to give sore eye blister

Like … one dread a’ smoke marijuana


So watch how Roodbwoy approach contest

A vocal fillip with nuff-nuff licks

Concrete, exquisite lyric manifest

Poetry’s best – packing many tricks

Open the gate let SoulJAH come-bring

Excitement you can’t anticipate

Designed to keep everybody laughing

Eyes a’ water, and hearts pulsate……