” … the fatal cross rested on his heart, closed my eyes and pulled the trigger ….”


Difficult to even broach the

Subject, especially as many

Play by ear – wind up surreptitious

Coach to someone not having slightest

Idea, they probably crawl all

Over your vibe, obnoxiously ruse

Feigned ignorance – and the disturbing

Dismissive diatribe smacks of

Hypocritical insolence

Arvon not, never ever taught

Me anything like this, and I

Went there twice; Ted Hughes’ house – top of

Its valley – be a shame to miss

A privilege without meaningful price …


” … they told me, no more than four

a week – and even that was too much …”


… Keats’ ministry endured five years

Must – most likely wrote every day

And the essence of love obviously

Sustained him – dragged him through cruel fears

Fearlessly booking his personal star

In poetic genius – made sure

Heaven’s eclectic door was left ajar ….


Byron’s one-verse adulation

Absolutely blows my mind

A consecration, done as if blind …..



Bubbling Under:


Didn’t bother – at all – waiting

Took off, and went my merry way

Can’t make time for fruitless debating

It would boil down to what she say

… she’ll be catching up very soon

Ready – bubbling, to put it ‘pon her

By the light of this silvery moon

Coax her to play ‘Follow The Leader …’