Hear This!


Take me to the bridge – one more time

So me can mash-up Hip-hop and

Trample down grime … Ghetto yout’ first

Open lyric shop, and start trade

The wickedest rhyme – so lis’sen!

To sweet reason – everything is for its season, and only

A matter of time ……….. In’na y’u head – BAFsed


MC’s wisely choose lyric attack

As means, to raise honest dollars

Come!  let me send out piece of chat

Dedicate it – to micro-scholars


Our lyrical don, simply top ace

Boss – in the middle spitting nail

Time bomb!  A’ tick – ca’an lose face

Slick and quick Roodbwoy – must get bail

Tell them about we Civil Rights

Times truly hard: pocket-bottom tough

People saying, ‘Brexit wont be nice …  ‘

That straw will make camels cry, “enough!”

Them have us —- still!  In glorified

Stockades, living broke-pocket-flat

No choice – or freewill, a’; juggle

High grade to maintain financial stats

Children don’t have on – an ounce of fat

No good clothes – to make we look decent

Hard earned money down bottomless drain

Bottom of the chain … must pay rent

So!  We fight, this good fight channelling

All our might – wearing Faith’s banner

We set!  To defend Truth and Right

Let them know!  We a’ freedom fighter ….