Look! How babylon fix this programme

Made The World and inaugurate

First set …. everything just rolled

Spun her blueprint diagram, yet

Do remember – she was crowned, Queen

Gloriana – otherwise First

Elizabet’ from The One, Tudor


Harry England held privy counsel

Convened many a Star Chamber

Systems pooled secret court reviews

Spawned through regal culture: brought in-play

And – to boot – parliament might bite its

Own tongue but could, incident’ly, do

No worse than, say, stage argument

Absolutely!  And went on to build

Something to – and for – eternity


Lis’sen!  How them take time, sample

Best Sensimillia – household named

Batata, aka potato

Victoria wielded mystic

Umbrella – caused acute linear

Vertigo – and industrial

Revolution spelling mimicry

Sun never set ‘pon their empire

And see Me!  Tracked my grandmother

Cossetted in Nelson’s hiding place

Gloriana came back – saved by Grace

With unyielded faith in Father ….

What We Don’t remember ….



M.C. Chat It Well Hot ….


And so, you have to make your way

Big, outside – your own personal

Journey; rolling and patrolling

Multiple alien DNA

Have to glide streetwise ride – fully

And compete, no mention control …… ling

Not a disciple of behaviour

Away days, rather Roodbwoy-cum

Sweet, deliciously bad – shock and sting

Stand firm and defend lyrical craze


Now here comes: Roodbwoy Chat It Well Hot

Rattles MC’s and kick-up-nuff

Rumpus – lyric guard fire real live shot

Down and dirty – tuff and serious

Flash ‘cross!  Me musical surprise

Peace!  Bring Love and good understanding


Here’s Blessed, under heavy disguise

Compelled and confessed to do right things

Oh!  What A Day: ‘when JAH Light come

Shining from the west, bound to the east.’

There will be plenty rejoicing

When Liberation secures release ……



What We Don’t Remember …..

I would say History predicts and overwhelmingly dictates, what we actually do today.  People are psychologically influenced by The Past and, what has occurred previously.  Many, if not a great majority, make life-changing and often critical decisions based, on The Past and any comparative antecedent relative to a transcendental position, or placement – ‘a good place’, which has to be relative to previous experience.

The Past doesn’t actually exist – it becomes superseded and eventually, replaced by History, when we quite irreverently treat History as if, it is The actual Past – when it is merely a fallible record of what may/ may not have taken place.  As reference: we compare the related experiences of an English foot soldier – engaged in the first world war – in contrast, to that of a German foot soldier during the same conflict.  We would be treated to alternative histories of The same Past – as an event.  It becomes fairly obvious: History will always differ from The actual Past.  And as a result, be accepted as The Past which becomes a most serious error, in judgement.