Nemesis …..


Shadow! Or Spirit

Whatever thou art,

Which still doth, inherit

The whole or part

Of the form of thy birth,

Of the mould of thy clay,

Which returned to the earth

Re-appear to the day!

Bear what thou borest

The heart and the form

And the aspect thou worest

Redeem from the worm

Appear! — Appear! —! Appear!

Who sent thee there requires thee here!


Byron wrote this as a connected, and centrifugal force intrinsically linked to his epic, Manfred.  Yet, taken from its original body of work … It can be seen, that ‘Nemesis’ is a perfected entity in its own right, and confidently stands alone as an artistic peace of beauty.  Of course, Byron wrote that way in order to make it so.  Those Romantics were wily, ingenious characters who wrote – incessantly – with one eye focussed on the future and, more importantly to them, future posterity.  Byron was very much unlike his contemporaries, in that he slung his gems far and wide, and didn’t so much as track, or check but just waited….. he had ultimate highs and lows, when money was frivolously plentiful and squandered as quickly, and when money was invariably tight, and he ran around squeezing those ‘well-offs’ who were near and dear to him, because, from a young age, his besotted mother doted and doled on him, to such an extent that he became accustomed to having his own way – a spoilt child…… Even down to the horrendous operations she engendered, to try and bludgeon and squeeze the clubbed foot right.  That he was a brilliant, genius of a poet – though challenged – was never in critical doubt, not after ‘English Bards and Scotch Reviewers’ which was, in actual fact, a debilitating reversal…… Spurring him on to immerse ‘Childe Harolde’ after which he exclaimed, ‘I woke up famous ….’