Nightmarish existence, living

Psychotic subsistence – cloaked in

Surreptitious surrounds, hell’s drug-abused

Clowns and sucking every penny

Out of food for children’s bellies

Sickness un-minded: lost, undecided

Anything for a stone, and those

Dirty dogs cajole – control: fillies

Suck bone – on a roll, as their dwindling

Bag is sold, to Daddies of the

Arena – who only smoke grade

Sensimillia; money thrives

Satyrs wilfully waste sad lives


See addicts trapped in traumatic

Cul-de-sacs , without ways or means

How, to secure adequate escape

Huddled under dark, covered night

As artificial, as curtains tight

Locked in perpetual, miasmic

Crack-lairs – sweaty, freebase trap-house dens

Demons at home – in place – their cocooned

Space, betrothed to a breed of fiends

Single-mindedly intentioned

Attuned to pipe, and survival


Sardines with crackers, late midnight

Hours – hunger’s bitches cling on

Syringed wrists sport scabby pus-holes

Tightly twist – eyes blurred, run water

Clouded acetylene mist; wet

Sodden, rouge cheeks glint reflected

Beams – surreal streaks redeem – jetting

Milky streams and absolutely

Devastated, burdened self-neglect


Wasted lives under psychotic drives

Intestinal twitches grip rolling

Bilious bellies, convulsing

Rapidly retching spasms, spurting

Slimy, sluiced, dribbling saliva

Mouth-corners unconsciously leak spit

Battered lips betray filthy habits

Aligned cash vessels – ruled by devils

Under Crack-cocaine spell, living hell

Minions of far distant drug cartels …