So much depends on intimate

Obfuscation – little to do

About actual concern with

Personal welfare, or intent

Affiliated to what is

Right – oftentimes described as red mist

More-so, when clouded vision-fused

Anxiety becomes acute


There is deep insincerity

Casually lurking, below

Psychic indifference much too

Adept at deceiving others

Like errant personality’s

Hidden psychotic episodes

Brought into play, when frayed tempers

Decide to come, to the party


Though, purposely, not invited

Because – obviously – based on past

Behaviour, anger is far

From ideal company during

Leisure time, or relaxation

Amongst happy-go-lucky friends

Especially, when enjoying

Social bouts, drinking and dancing


It’s hard getting comfortable

Everyone feels edgy – soon as

belligerence enters and starts

Alcohol-laced conversation

Terse and abrupt – situations

Sink to unmanageable, then

Tension becomes unbearable

People secretly begin leaving


Exasperation looks over

Stooped shoulders in disappointment

As they trundle through exit doors

Fully convinced, a: good outing

Has been irreparably spoiled

By insipid, usual suspects

Who invariably gate-crash

What would, otherwise, have been good times …..