We must align political

Economic and social confines

To allow recognition, of

Postmodernity’s speculative

Arena and our effusive

Non-binding acclimatization

It’s not difficult to recognize

This Postmodern condition and its

Effectual technology

Systematically changing lives


Miniaturised pocket vessel-

Cum-digital signal converters

Designed to irreversibly

Alter stagnant futures, reversing

Deficits, lost to time-motion

Synthesized relativity

Blow maladjusted realities

Somewhat contradicting The Real

Hotter than petroleum-drizzled

Flames, licking mattresses piled atop

Wooden bedframes; desires burn

Inside palpitating breastplates


Weighted down balloons – in turn – jostle

Like rippling inverted body-quakes

Balanced -rigidly symmetrical

With wobbly bumpers, sliding

Up and down, swaying side-to-side

Liquid streams spout stinging, acidic

Feathery, powdered airwave-mist

Rapidly bouncing around social

Media platforms – spread worldwide

Hyped-up, high, on neon frontiers


Truth broke honest similarity

Absolutely – digging deep graves

Fostered behind deceptive screens

Beholden to benign keyboard

Abused, as dishonest couriers


Body Beautiful …


Look!  Because I’m watching you hard

Coca cola bottled-shaped, well nice

Beautiful!  And food for any yard

Shapely body, built to entice

Everything fit and proper – Kriss!

Perfectly formed bouncing titty

And bumper – full one-hundred, sheer bliss

Ultimate dream, and; me want some gritty


My mind’s tied-up in bondage-sphere

Crushed like ice, and made to wither

Obscene vision bristling clear

Illumined silhouette – yes!  Consider

Bent-over-forwards, legs apart – splayed

Back-shot position – yes!  I want

A piece – of your glistening swathe’s

Moistened dribble making me pant