Chant Down Babylon …. 2017.

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Hard times bristling intention

Forced entry into faith’s open door

Strengthened mine own deliberation

Confidence peals, oozing ev’ry pore

Reality fluxes The Real – smooth

Passage through tribulations of day

Inspiration drives a spinning groove’s

Harnessed, invisible mainstay


Respect also  goes to my shadow

Partner inc. and many other things

Helped to grease life – with no tomorrow

Always drank from hope’s eternal spring

Like angels hidden amongst men

FarI design complete construction

Victor in battle – one against ten

Neatly sowed Babylon destruction


Righteous Earth outside of your world

For such are blessed – and to live in it

This solution finally unfurled

Artful coexistence in Spirit

It was, before, ridiculed as joke

No one actually believed

A disembodied voice spoke

Or, indeed, a virgin conceived


Behold!  Peaceful revolution

Conquered with sweetest bible song

Cramp and paralyse institutions

Stand firm: chanting and chanting strong …..


England In 1819 ….

An old, mad, blind, despised and dying king, –

Princes, the dregs of their dull race, who flow

Through public scorn, – mud from muddy spring, –

Rulers who neither see, nor feel, nor know,

But leech-like to their country cling

Till they drop, blind in blood, without a blow, –

A people starved and stabbed in the untilled field,

An army, which liberticide and prey

Makes as a two-edged sword to all who wield, –

Golden and sanguine laws which tempt and slay;

Religion Christless, Godless – a book sealed,

A senate – Time’s worst statute unrepealed, –

Are graves, from which a glorious Phantom may

Burst, to illumine our tempestuous day.

By: Percy Bysshe Shelley…

There Is JAH ……

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… David said to Nathan the prophet, Lo I dwell in an house

of cedars but the ark of the covenant of the Lord remaineth under curtains.  Then Nathan said unto David, do all that is in thine heart: for God is with thee.

… the same night God came to Nathan, saying

Go and tell David my servant, thus said the Lord, Thou shalt not build me an house to dwell in

… For I have not dwelt in an house

since the day that I brought up Israel unto this day;

but I have gone from tent to tent, and from one tabernacle to another ….

First Chronicles 17: 1 – 5.


for Chronix …………


HIM is what He chooses to Be

Literature’s Lord God Almighty

Voided, swirling ethereal

Mist quickly consolidated

Mystical twist – eye of that storm

Initial and first causal print

Effortlessly non-conformed

The Real Omnipotent Spirit


They wrote prayers and songs

Legend and myth realities strong

An aural tradition recording

Word committed to fables very

Rarely heard and, there was One-way

Uniquely estranged – JAH – empowered

Self reigns daily life’s connected sway

Wholly constrained, circa: Lion’s whelp ….


Psalm 68, 1 – 4.

Let God arise, let his enemies be

scattered; let them also that hate

him flee before him.

As smoke is driven away, so

drive them away: as wax melteth

before the fire, so let the wicked

perish at the presence of God

But let the righteous be glad;

let them exceedingly rejoice

Sing unto God, sing praises to his name:

extol him that rideth upon

the heavens by his name JAH,

and rejoice before him ….

Reincarnation: it happens ….

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Cloud lifted and we saw New Earth: showering joyous accolades echoed through myriad stirrings, fruitful corridors; ushering favours blessing will and intention. Adversity melted, slain in action. Truthful manifestation gave respite, opened our salvation, an; array of terrestrial galaxies proffering avenues to eternity. Allowing Freewill and choice to indulge tempting; Desire straddles visions on every corner, distracting mental aversion whilst flying those traps.

via ‘Like A Thief In The Night.’ — bafl ‘s arena

A new heaven opened and all were

Inherently amazed to see

Life was bequeathed long after death

Those new born sons and daughters held

Truth in words of old souls born to

Be, and free from the hacklings

Of blighted, wrinkled  disregarded flesh

Holed up in buried tombs we forget.

Tilted Balance

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… Dragon shall arise to make war

with Judah’s lion – The conqueror

Who shall trample them underfoot

Banner in hand – riding Victory


Putin is not estranged to racial

Hypocrisy – even Moscow

Symbols cultured purity

I’d always presumed racism

Would snowball from eastern Europe

Where combusting seeds of eugenic

Arianism’s futuristic

Hopes are provisorily buried


Surprise came with covert emergence

Through religious secularism

And the way holy orders tussle

For fabled Heaven on wore torn

Hell ravaged, money-calculating

Vermin infested planet Earth

Shadowed incessantly by Death’s

Merciless, sweeping, sharpened scythe


Yes!  Time runs past expectations

And that european dream seems

Destined – to splintering extremes

History echoes mirror-image

Retainers; fallen empires

Disintegrate before taking root

Terrible chimera ensue

Bound to wreak unearthly havoc

Put In The Boot In …

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Cas:        … Decius, well urg’d.  I think it is not meet

Mark Anthony, so belov’d of Caesar,

Should outlive Caesar.  We shall find him

A shrewd contriver; and you know his means,

If he improves them, may well stretch so far

As to annoy us all; which to prevent,

Let Anthony and Caesar fall together.



On closing integration’s door

Many focussed, and concentrated

Resources – rooted to the shop floor

Aggravated concerns became

Paramount – convoluted design

Radically opposed polar

Ethno-centrified opposites

Surreptitiously infiltrated

Of course, Putin’s hand tirelessly

Harasses and invades British

Territorial sovereignty

Remember that umbrella poison

Skirmish happened on London streets

Nevermind official government

Versions and oligarchs murdered

On doorstep beats, like Bond motion

Pictures on reality series

Repeats – laced with unerring drug cheats

Comfortably sowing money-

Corrupted patriotism

Laced with affluent countryside

Dachas, and silently cloned Philbys ….

Love Life …

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Cas …                             But it is doubtful yet

Whether Caesar will come forth today or no:

For he is superstious grown of late,

Quite from the main opinion he held once

Of fantasy, of dreams, and ceremonies,

It may be these apparent prodigies

The unaccustom’d terror of this night,

And the persuasion of his augurers

May hold him from the Capitol today.

Act 11 – Scene 1 ….. lines 194 – 201.

So much to choose from whilst time plays

Infinite games little much to

Enthuse secular derided pastimes

Coded obscenity framed on

Instagram – benign, seedy tricks

Devil’s own personal hologram

Fitted non-purpose and truly vain

Practice, gratuitously self served

Of vanities – the preacher did say

But not all effort is wasted

Because syrian children still

Must survive and – in Yeman, Death

Rides hunger, scything innocent

Fledglings sporting obtuse, sharp-boned

Long faces – sucking Mama’s dry breast

… Help showers blessings, resurrects

So how can you be lonely when

Life has to be your companion

And always – you must Be giving

Thanks – draw holiest breath’s

Balanced spatiality, inhabit

Forever and you must become

Central – Reality exists
Very, very close to The real

Conscious bridges – could also change

Worldly preoccupation, lost

Miracles messaged through angels

Signed: Agape, delivering hope


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Cassius: … Stoop then, and wash.  How many ages hence

Shall this our lofty scene be acted over

In states unborn and accents yet unknown!

Julius Caesar: Act 111 …… Scene 1: Lines 112 – 114.

Yes!  Of course Islam craves to Be

Liberated from terrorism

Realistic’ly – who wouldn’t

As much, as The West despise them

So – hate is reserved for extremists

With selfish sacrifice claiming

Innocents who praise Righteousness

As we should do – equally devout


… see clearest river’s flow, flooding

Surreal skies – The Real itself, seen

As day – metric lines conversing

Central conjunction, an explosive

Roundabout melee – no distinction

World affairs collide; arrogant

State fabrication bully-isms

Feed heathen and infidel alike


Caesar would never delegate ….

Authority belonged, to rule

And, in absolute – festering head

… sentiments Republic – well opposed

Adversarial despotic

Dictatorial manifests

Supposedly, how they do it U.S.

Look! How Apprentice master it.

And World Belongs To:

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Fate’s relentless snowball rolls down

Through these unfolding annals of

Postmodern antipathy, roused

Minions gather pace, velocity

Harnesses increasing size – pulled

Together emitting noise

Many pointed disputations

Lay harangued antecedents; Earth



Forgoes global parameters

Leveled flat, trending direction

Foisted on collateral means

As such: what we can do for you

Collated with your resources

Voices steadily approach

Crescendo – something has to give

Still – POTUS remains unperturbed



Climbed ranked respectability

Though Hell’s shadow remains in place

Determined – as ever – to speed

Society’s anti-clockwise

Revolution inverting The

Real so Satan becomes visible

Islam – wholesale – has been set alight

Terrorists are butt, and excuse



To wield that big stick, of selfishness

Whilst High Office champions all

Those rocks and stones collecting rich

Seared consciences rolling regardless

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