Fate’s relentless snowball rolls down

Through these unfolding annals of

Postmodern antipathy, roused

Minions gather pace, velocity

Harnesses increasing size – pulled

Together emitting noise

Many pointed disputations

Lay harangued antecedents; Earth



Forgoes global parameters

Leveled flat, trending direction

Foisted on collateral means

As such: what we can do for you

Collated with your resources

Voices steadily approach

Crescendo – something has to give

Still – POTUS remains unperturbed



Climbed ranked respectability

Though Hell’s shadow remains in place

Determined – as ever – to speed

Society’s anti-clockwise

Revolution inverting The

Real so Satan becomes visible

Islam – wholesale – has been set alight

Terrorists are butt, and excuse



To wield that big stick, of selfishness

Whilst High Office champions all

Those rocks and stones collecting rich

Seared consciences rolling regardless