Cas:        … Decius, well urg’d.  I think it is not meet

Mark Anthony, so belov’d of Caesar,

Should outlive Caesar.  We shall find him

A shrewd contriver; and you know his means,

If he improves them, may well stretch so far

As to annoy us all; which to prevent,

Let Anthony and Caesar fall together.



On closing integration’s door

Many focussed, and concentrated

Resources – rooted to the shop floor

Aggravated concerns became

Paramount – convoluted design

Radically opposed polar

Ethno-centrified opposites

Surreptitiously infiltrated

Of course, Putin’s hand tirelessly

Harasses and invades British

Territorial sovereignty

Remember that umbrella poison

Skirmish happened on London streets

Nevermind official government

Versions and oligarchs murdered

On doorstep beats, like Bond motion

Pictures on reality series

Repeats – laced with unerring drug cheats

Comfortably sowing money-

Corrupted patriotism

Laced with affluent countryside

Dachas, and silently cloned Philbys ….