… Dragon shall arise to make war

with Judah’s lion – The conqueror

Who shall trample them underfoot

Banner in hand – riding Victory


Putin is not estranged to racial

Hypocrisy – even Moscow

Symbols cultured purity

I’d always presumed racism

Would snowball from eastern Europe

Where combusting seeds of eugenic

Arianism’s futuristic

Hopes are provisorily buried


Surprise came with covert emergence

Through religious secularism

And the way holy orders tussle

For fabled Heaven on wore torn

Hell ravaged, money-calculating

Vermin infested planet Earth

Shadowed incessantly by Death’s

Merciless, sweeping, sharpened scythe


Yes!  Time runs past expectations

And that european dream seems

Destined – to splintering extremes

History echoes mirror-image

Retainers; fallen empires

Disintegrate before taking root

Terrible chimera ensue

Bound to wreak unearthly havoc