Cloud lifted and we saw New Earth: showering joyous accolades echoed through myriad stirrings, fruitful corridors; ushering favours blessing will and intention. Adversity melted, slain in action. Truthful manifestation gave respite, opened our salvation, an; array of terrestrial galaxies proffering avenues to eternity. Allowing Freewill and choice to indulge tempting; Desire straddles visions on every corner, distracting mental aversion whilst flying those traps.

via ‘Like A Thief In The Night.’ — bafl ‘s arena

A new heaven opened and all were

Inherently amazed to see

Life was bequeathed long after death

Those new born sons and daughters held

Truth in words of old souls born to

Be, and free from the hacklings

Of blighted, wrinkled  disregarded flesh

Holed up in buried tombs we forget.