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One particular demon BREXIT will undoubtedly engender, has to be adversely tolerated; Race is a paper tiger with ultra-sharp claws. So, if We cultivate familial unity, BRITAIN can open those ancient channels of empire, now cuckholded into that vastly peopled commonwealth – or partnerhand, as we say – and assume NORMAL relations with Europa…… Because, preternatural affilliation has NOT worked.

…… the indigenous, and post-immediate-indigenous are sensationally abused, and passed-over for familial and undetected tribal (religious) loyalties, hithertoo unwitnessed on or in mainland Britain since Elizabethan religious partizanrie and the IRA’s fight for liberation …..

Each day lived is experience

Duly learned, still can’t come to terms with

Inevitable circumstance

Of course it’s time to leave The Common

Market, cleverer natives spied its

Sell by, and pulled up the drawbridge

Look!!!!! an exemplified pool – five

Hundred million strong, but it has

twenty-seven lifeguards to feed

Brittania kept her hand on TWO


And she eats alone, at the top table ….


“You have  St Croix, and Anguilla

Neither, forget those Virgin isles

Nowadays, say “Cool Brittania!”

Full of surprise and broad smiles …


Abi’s …..

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Originally posted on Endever Publishing Studios: Abbie loves two things- books and coffee. What more do you really need to know? The first thing that caught my eye on Abbie’s blog “Cafe Book Bean” was the purely genius coffee (or tea) suggestions she makes to accompany the reading of whatever book she happens to be…

via WP Saturday Spotlight- Abbie Lu! — Of A Life Less Ordinary

Bible Turned Round …..

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The First, of who what’s going to Be

Vision piercing actuality

Happening – Light fully enthralled

Circumstantial accountability

adverse to negativity

Almost Christ similar dual

Composite arena says: water and

Blood Haile spirit, and flesh confess


One so well and truly steeped in

Majesty all nations bow before

HIM – scion of Eternity’s star

Famed and legendary prophesied

Redeemer; for JAH so ordained

The Earth, and mankind made his world

Heaven co-resides time and place

Visible and alter-egoed


Maybe it really was that star of

Horus who the Egyptians worship

So much, giving Balthazar and kings

Direction to Bethlehem as

Prophecy is apt to remind us

Family line was double-locked both side

Lauded flesh co-existing Word

Reputed Son of Righteousness


… and that wily old fox King James

Captivated slaves, promised surprises …

‘Live for tomorrow’ epitomizes

How we lived in Hell, for Jesus name…..


… Jesus knew scripture inside out so it was no problem for HIM, to go deep into the garden and converse with Moses and EliJAH, in spirit … After all – He is, His Imperial Majesty in The First Advent – so all things are, were possible….. He walked among, the: scribes, prophets, Rabbis and Holy men of Israel – The Essene – before embarking upon His divine ministry……

You must Be, conscious to read and (un)derstand how to decipher the king James bible….. Remember!  His Majesty said ….. ‘before Abraham was, I AM …..’  “Yes!”  ‘That I AM,’ ” from The Beginning…….”  Reuben said…..





2017: Limbo Status ……

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… greatest grandfather was slave explicit ….

will rise with Us to meet HIM in spirit …..  First Thessalonians: 16 – 17 – 18 …


Vision freewheeling King’s highway – to

Poolside uptown Richman J.A

For the world is piece of paper

With mobile – and you press finger

Come lime ‘pon the beach in S.K

Start cruise the whole of Frigate bay

Draw stance, guide your pregnant missile

Apprehend this midway future

Cease and settle hungry anglophile

Somewhere between airwave-scanner

Patrolled prophets of doom, fronting

Monetarized liquid freedom

Flanked by Brexit-monster forerunner

Mashed-up political vacuum

Five years investing – early sixties

Limbo-locked status: exiting

And you can’t even think to run

At your age when life nearly done …..

Twenty-first Century schematics ….

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That dimension does exist, its

Occult realm merges hidden

Psychology incubating fear

Laden, sadistic mind control

There can be no question laws are

Hereditarily designed

Absolutely necessary

So successive generations

May Be, given every chance

Custom is heaven’s hallowed ground

Cornerstone of legitimate

Culture – the brand phenomenon

Evolved via advertising, suave

Proliferacy increasing

Size, ratio and frequency

As financial viability

Soon becomes inevitable

The Babylon conglomeracy

Arguably fueled by Mammon’s

Corrupt, subjugate narks en masse

All customarily feeding ….



Babylon Fall …

… saw lightning’s breach in the dragon’s

Side and made quick headway to reach

We stepped inside an immense nightmare

Size became steadily apparent

As we closed on the wound – that gaping

Crack we were to secretly enter

Down dark winding passages, into

Beast’s heart, armed with potent Cannabis

Bombs and memorized scroll chants, rehearsed

From Adowa – practiced in culture

Long since those ancient bible days

Remember spiked forks lasered its

helmeted dome, speared dragon in

Its side – so when ‘Erb start fester

Its heart, Judgement rolls top and bottom

… we were away – heading to safety

In the hills, far from repercussions

To see how quickly Babylon fall ….





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