… greatest grandfather was slave explicit ….

will rise with Us to meet HIM in spirit …..  First Thessalonians: 16 – 17 – 18 …


Vision freewheeling King’s highway – to

Poolside uptown Richman J.A

For the world is piece of paper

With mobile – and you press finger

Come lime ‘pon the beach in S.K

Start cruise the whole of Frigate bay

Draw stance, guide your pregnant missile

Apprehend this midway future

Cease and settle hungry anglophile

Somewhere between airwave-scanner

Patrolled prophets of doom, fronting

Monetarized liquid freedom

Flanked by Brexit-monster forerunner

Mashed-up political vacuum

Five years investing – early sixties

Limbo-locked status: exiting

And you can’t even think to run

At your age when life nearly done …..