The First, of who what’s going to Be

Vision piercing actuality

Happening – Light fully enthralled

Circumstantial accountability

adverse to negativity

Almost Christ similar dual

Composite arena says: water and

Blood Haile spirit, and flesh confess


One so well and truly steeped in

Majesty all nations bow before

HIM – scion of Eternity’s star

Famed and legendary prophesied

Redeemer; for JAH so ordained

The Earth, and mankind made his world

Heaven co-resides time and place

Visible and alter-egoed


Maybe it really was that star of

Horus who the Egyptians worship

So much, giving Balthazar and kings

Direction to Bethlehem as

Prophecy is apt to remind us

Family line was double-locked both side

Lauded flesh co-existing Word

Reputed Son of Righteousness


… and that wily old fox King James

Captivated slaves, promised surprises …

‘Live for tomorrow’ epitomizes

How we lived in Hell, for Jesus name…..


… Jesus knew scripture inside out so it was no problem for HIM, to go deep into the garden and converse with Moses and EliJAH, in spirit … After all – He is, His Imperial Majesty in The First Advent – so all things are, were possible….. He walked among, the: scribes, prophets, Rabbis and Holy men of Israel – The Essene – before embarking upon His divine ministry……

You must Be, conscious to read and (un)derstand how to decipher the king James bible….. Remember!  His Majesty said ….. ‘before Abraham was, I AM …..’  “Yes!”  ‘That I AM,’ ” from The Beginning…….”  Reuben said…..