One particular demon BREXIT will undoubtedly engender, has to be adversely tolerated; Race is a paper tiger with ultra-sharp claws. So, if We cultivate familial unity, BRITAIN can open those ancient channels of empire, now cuckholded into that vastly peopled commonwealth – or partnerhand, as we say – and assume NORMAL relations with Europa…… Because, preternatural affilliation has NOT worked.

…… the indigenous, and post-immediate-indigenous are sensationally abused, and passed-over for familial and undetected tribal (religious) loyalties, hithertoo unwitnessed on or in mainland Britain since Elizabethan religious partizanrie and the IRA’s fight for liberation …..

Each day lived is experience

Duly learned, still can’t come to terms with

Inevitable circumstance

Of course it’s time to leave The Common

Market, cleverer natives spied its

Sell by, and pulled up the drawbridge

Look!!!!! an exemplified pool – five

Hundred million strong, but it has

twenty-seven lifeguards to feed

Brittania kept her hand on TWO


And she eats alone, at the top table ….


“You have  St Croix, and Anguilla

Neither, forget those Virgin isles

Nowadays, say “Cool Brittania!”

Full of surprise and broad smiles …