Incredulity gained swing

And … populist celebrity took

Control, with media super-hype’s

Certified levels of pulling

Power, presided at the polls

It’s willed by Our populace

Faith’s inconsequential voter

Blinded with commercial finesse


Steadily, we’ve actually

Come full circle, yes! People’s faces

Have changed – names and locations

Invert angles to appear novel, even

Strange; bank balance is much yearned prize

An engineered halo makes one

Appear wise – fame’s path elevates

Personna and charismatic smiles


Seems like one ghastly accident

Or – an ingenious design

Worlds dominated by criminal

Element – many children dying

Merciless death stalks depleted

Innocents – scythe swished; to and froing

‘Tween religio-tribal skirmish

And despotic terrorist uprising ….


Better if I turn off tv.

Altogether – stop watching the news

Maybe I’ll start writing stories

Get away from depressive world views …..