Mildly baulking contradiction

Worldly eyes see Earth’s star

Arrived @contrived superhumans

Yes!  And how they travelled so far

Listen!  I said higher, top soldier

Straddles time conducting ages

Envisage that rainbow warrior

As He seeps through bible pages


Christ simply melted and became

Mystical Revelation; faith’s

Enigma comprising The Real

Something – the one – social conscience

Actually feels, its collective

Resolve – so Death blended fictioned

Alternative, blinked in your Eye, then

Advanced constructive ressurection


Born again!  What of The Cross and

Its deathly hallow?  Not forgetting

He lives tomorrow – ‘in the shadow

Of death’s dark vale,’ there @Golgotha

Where I-Majesty prayed before

Sojourn in an ancient relative’s

Hotel, and what of that new name

All told – a biblical spell burns

Even their fame game – all commercial

As an aside – damned History

Empire’s closed confidential

For those tell-tale secrets they hide


Would definitely leave a hole

In that so impressive bank roll

Notwithstanding the lives it would save

And the space saved from un-needed graves….


Those worried families’ redeemed souls

Would have stories that were never told