Ezekiel, 18. vrs: 4.

‘… Behold, all souls are mine

As the soul of the father is mine

So also the soul of the son is mine

The soul that sinneth, it shall die ….’


… with your falsely run race, against

Blind and unsuspecting victims

Neither showing mercy, nor constraint

… like rabid, pus-filled poisonous vermin…


Remember Elder said there is

No death, so: Be! Righteous, and live

Forever, also, confident

Father-Creator promised Us ……


History has undoubtedly proved

Religious altercation quickly

Becomes war – zealots in opposed camps

Are, by nature, irretrievably

Impulsive but ‘… will it profit them

To gain the world’s entire and

Lose their eternal soul?  As, the

Blind man attempting to trip-up

His fellow blind, inadvertently

Tripping-up himself, as a result

Listen to Ezekiel, if there’s

Any strength to tell; consider

Yourself because Death is more than

Just flesh, and the second death must be

By far, the heaviest – nothing’s left…..


A Love Poem:

Time can be such an enigma

It’s difficult to see what it is

Please, bless our insignia

Potently labelled Love within

I would cherish her with fullest heart

Caress with petal-fingered touches

Two kindred souls would never part

Hearts fluttering permanent rushes

Oh!  How I would simmer, and delight

Glow with pride-filled adulation

Whisper sweet somethings in moonlight

Thrill with rhythmic alliteration


Love suspends every minute

Simply cajoles each restless thought

Busy like electric conduits

Reverberating beating hearts


I am her glorious sunshine

She – the moon in starlit skies

When our love-locked bodies entwine

Mountains shudder at our joyous cries