My Ride:

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Tune into local resident, one and only name-brand, man with hardcore lyrical content, pushing Roodbwoy lyrics like sand.  Lis’sen!  When I tell you – watch me at the micro-stand, making idiot-fool black and blue, kill soun’bwoy and execute my plan.  Dread a’ top-ranking controller; give them hot, sweet like cherry.  Girls run come in any order, soun’bwoy’s not shy to mash-up punani.  Hear! Me a push and galang, galang; running things hot, chatting hard and strong.  Lis’sen how me slick and secure, could never say me do things wrong – ever-faithful, everlasting, ever sure.  Fling off pantie and bra if you really want some more, hoist up pussy and bend over, if you really want wood to bore.  Going to give you in a back-shot fever, ram wood hard and juice-up interior; approaching the final furlong; this one’s a bareback rider – stroking pussy hard and strong – pulling ‘pon quarter-pound of sensimillia. Of course me a’ go gi’ you in’na rub-a-dub style; going to rub and wind, mash-up pussy-face, turn girl-child wild and, make her scream and shout down the place…..


Soldiers Of Misfortune:

In this world of misdirected souls, my heart attempts to fall weary, while my temperature borders cold and my eyes, disturbingly teary.  Many have fallen on the battlefield, no quarter given – fighting to the last.  Of numerous families forced to grieve, broken lives are left to savour an unhappy, never-ending past.  Even the suicide bombers deserve sympathetic condolence, trapped in a world unnecessarily unforgiving; compelled to take life – with an innocent ignorance, sacrificing heinously abused minds at the whim of religious profiteering. Reminiscent of those ancient assassins; convinced they were headed to golden fields of paradise.  Bright, young saplings – victims of demonic lies.  There’s no end to this miasmic rigmarole of unholy religious warfare.  Again,and again, this horrific sinkhole – filled with dirty, sacrilegious devils who don’t care about the fatherless children, or their widowed mothers – plays the part of murderous, despicable heathen masquerading as god-fearing soldiers….

Dreaming That Dream….

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Of course, social ambiance is king

Fast cars, luxurious properties

Powder puff, flower plenty pretty things

Not to mention globe-trotting

Celebrity – yeah!  You made it

– cut the edge , simultaneously

Balanced sweetly honed poetics

Lyrics to kill and boasting, too

– billed one top-dollar Word soulJAH

Confronted on Poe’sy avenue

Poets seize moments: proclaim

Destiny seer’s domain, condemns

Liars in torment and history’s

Disdain; crowns the highest, under

No disguise, Jesus Christ, The King Of

Kings, will forever Be! Alive….


So we’re passing weekend fling, tonight

Face, to face with father Bling patrolled

By umpteen wives; flash is when light

Glints off banknote silver, platinum

Trash-cards drape off every finger

Bolling remaining unopened

Krug drained upside down, ’til it done

Promiscuity and taboos

Forever broken – phone camera whizz

Unreal, unseen until morning come……

Chanting and Chanting….. 2017.

Alright!  Come watch how I twist this line

Mash-down free ticket imposter

Confidently imposing rhyme

Make POTUS know: there is only

One terminator, He exposes crime ……..

Wait ‘dey: m’ek a’ soften me soup

…. a’ done pick french tikky-thyme

Coconut milk in’na ‘de loop

With little Bonnet – tastebud chime

Mix ‘de wickedest smoothie – with all

Kinds of fruit – Word chanting down grime

Many before you came flying

Will o’ wisp whims, sandcastles built

On euphoric tide, those sinking

Orders blaring spotlights dim

When journey turns sinister ride

With lyrical hop and rhythmical

Flip – churning vibrations can’t stop

Slickest smooth criminal, so’o slick

Drives emotional hurt, trampled

Underground; draw healing cherry smoke

Kicking-up!  Boom-bassing Roodbwoy sound…..

After Nine Hours …..

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Jesus arrived in person  Light up

‘De whole place – all of Us so glad to

See HIM automatically stan’

Up and bow face, instinctively; ill

At ease, Death hoarsed and croaked, shakily


‘… and yet you continue deny

wicked peace – from whence cometh thou?’

Light spoke: His Imperial Majesty’s

Voice rang out and thunder broke


” … I Am here always but those

In darkness will never see I

The Sun Of Righteousness cannot die.”


Not long after – in three days – He rose


Happen – the gates of Hell blew-off

Defeated by Light, one final time

He that sits in Heaven shall, just laugh

Amused @Truth-legend in rhyme


Agnes Dei:

Up over above heads lost in

Hypnotic focus – back beyond far

Distance, gigantic evergreens bow

Obeisance; sapping soaked, golden

Shards-cum-stream tinted ambrosia


Glorious days such as, are

Rare one thousandth part in

Lifelong decades; vibrations

Co-rehearse, stalling time-relative

Acute memory cells engaging

Mind juncture memorabilia


So Our beat goes on – riding

Generation triumphant wings

Quietly confident Faith’s hope

Will assuage historic parity

And …

‘…… colour of a man’s skin

is of no more significance

than the colour of his eyes ……………..  HIM


Bupsed Out …

Spent a small fortune on spirits

Truly felt I was getting somewhere

Kept looking over her left shoulder

Every minute, typical

Type – frightened doe stalked by naked fear


Her deepest-red micro skirt left

Videos for imagination

Prudeness and behaviour neatly swept

Aside triggered airborne sensation

Deliberate bending and stooping

Falsely interpreted, success

Offered shared taxi – did the right thing

Her ride pulled-up: she jumped in, he pressed.


Would have been easy to, just break down

Construe an emotional cop-out

Instead, I chose alcohol; let my

Consciousness drown, soon began to shout

An angel in fishnets and hot-pants

Came to my rescue, soothing my mind

Everything, was in our frozen glance

And true-true love I managed to find…







Slew Them…..

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Demons spend eternity in

Human sojourn, waging war against

Saintly innocents’ unsuspecting

Concern – sucking God given strength

… no respect for Art – their ladder’s

Increased superficial quotient

For personalities climbing

Ever gratuitously higher

……….. fakes parading see through G-string


Quickest turn about: insert George

Orwell-coated sorrow, eased slack

Clout laid with trowel; bloated jargon

Souls borrow – wont pay back

….. drowned @sea, manipulative

Systems bartered watery graves

How must trust Judgement’s retributive

Rhythm?  Bury those devils in caves


‘Nuff a’ them: sleazy, surreptitious

Sheer bad!  Committed celebrities

Ritually entertaining ghoulish glad

Mentored souls’ red-carpet narcissus

Cultures hairline profanity

Extremely sly, subtly avaricious

Obsessed with heights and quality

Invariably promiscuous …..


….. me no come a’ England f’u run race with non aryu!!!!!!


Talking wily so-called brothers

Those who believe in holding others

Back, or sometimes pretending closest

Friend then deviously guiding

Them – unknowingly – on wrong tracks

Faked face of innocence, I; used

To do it myself, full of pretence

Whilst sucking up sad victims’ help….


When I slew this dragon, twisted

Faith’s lance in its side; threw carcase

… ‘pon bandwagon – Death would then decide

“Lis’sen how a’ draw me holy herb

Surround it with fruit-flavoured rings

Put up sign: do not disturb

Promptly despatched it from our land of

Living – a new beginning …… @Chat Artist on fb.”





X-rated Piety ( … for Max Farrar @Cpt.)

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Your tagged: @Poets competing in secret

No respect for peers who support them

Your conscience must be boiled in

Gurgled, evil spirits – no integrity

Mixed with yellowed pus and congealed phlegm

Those shameless cretins begging for likes

On receipt: avid deception comes to light

Chat Artist@Henry Yorksed … wordage inituity



I moved amongst some real devils

Darkness transformed to shroud, believed

We praised God @much higher levels

Top voices shouting very, very

Loud – as time passed I sorely grieved

Malevolent misbehaviour

Belonged satanic seed … Soul turned

Mindful it wasn’t easy, how

Seek what was originally

There to be seen, finding; Self who

Piqued and displeased me…. I rallied

Around colours of rainbow, covenanted

‘Til kingdom come; where Truth will go

Honesty bound to follow, ’til

The Book close and prophecy done


There’s one thing I know will never

Change, self-determination

Means sacrifice: have to Be, and

Permanently rearranged – I am

Now bowed to Honesty; surely

Prostrate, for Truth in ways making me

Great.  Would open my mouth, wide, to let

Truth shit in it – proffer face forward

Just to take Honesty’s piss and spit

Aware their statue cannot talk

Confident – Truth is The Son Of God

Honesty the footsteps He walked…..


Dungaree View:

Juice-rippled ass-piece, shredded arse

Cheeks flagrantly sporting tattoo

Makes the perfectly obscene sweet

Unreasonably fatigued – more view

Than painstakingly lean left, blowing

Laboured short breaths – screened @seven

Or so months, to be sure – body frigged

Unashamedly craving, slyly

Promiscuous and sexually

rabid – without fuss – jockeys hanging

Full; ripe from texted cliques, internet

Chat-rooms’ timely bus – called clever tweets

….Fly electro-psychotic domain

Some sacrificial schizophrenic

Pre-internship cyborg terrain….



… Looking Back To Go Forward….


Second Samuel….

Like Ahitopel, seriously

Convinced Father-Creator with him

… everything he advised Absalom

Since, turned into negative spin

King David caught them by surprise

Their rebellious army confounded

Not long after, came seer’s demise

Beaten, troops well and truly routed ….


When you haven’t achieved anything

Creditable, your retrogressive

Life finds it easy to start competing

With those closest to, and around

You – wholly speculative, lacking

Respect, honour and contrition

To be granted where undoubtedly

Due, because; a man without conscience

Will definitely have no shame

Dog eat him supper and leave hungry belly


Mother nature conserves memories

So secure, we’ll never forget

Sourced comfort for bereaved families

Someway, much long after sunset

Bright futures depend on diligent

Post-ceding generations

Anything else will be destroyed

Those righteous paths good parents

Laid, now sinfully employed

One man I don’t like is two-faced

Another one, a hypocrite

Forever running secret race

Rabid mouth-corners frothy, dribbling

Spit; happen, Satan’s always disguised

A red-eyed demon crazed with jealousy

Hot shit climbing up the drainpipe

Slyly pretending poison Ivy …..

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