Second Samuel….

Like Ahitopel, seriously

Convinced Father-Creator with him

… everything he advised Absalom

Since, turned into negative spin

King David caught them by surprise

Their rebellious army confounded

Not long after, came seer’s demise

Beaten, troops well and truly routed ….


When you haven’t achieved anything

Creditable, your retrogressive

Life finds it easy to start competing

With those closest to, and around

You – wholly speculative, lacking

Respect, honour and contrition

To be granted where undoubtedly

Due, because; a man without conscience

Will definitely have no shame

Dog eat him supper and leave hungry belly


Mother nature conserves memories

So secure, we’ll never forget

Sourced comfort for bereaved families

Someway, much long after sunset

Bright futures depend on diligent

Post-ceding generations

Anything else will be destroyed

Those righteous paths good parents

Laid, now sinfully employed

One man I don’t like is two-faced

Another one, a hypocrite

Forever running secret race

Rabid mouth-corners frothy, dribbling

Spit; happen, Satan’s always disguised

A red-eyed demon crazed with jealousy

Hot shit climbing up the drainpipe

Slyly pretending poison Ivy …..