Jesus arrived in person  Light up

‘De whole place – all of Us so glad to

See HIM automatically stan’

Up and bow face, instinctively; ill

At ease, Death hoarsed and croaked, shakily


‘… and yet you continue deny

wicked peace – from whence cometh thou?’

Light spoke: His Imperial Majesty’s

Voice rang out and thunder broke


” … I Am here always but those

In darkness will never see I

The Sun Of Righteousness cannot die.”


Not long after – in three days – He rose


Happen – the gates of Hell blew-off

Defeated by Light, one final time

He that sits in Heaven shall, just laugh

Amused @Truth-legend in rhyme


Agnes Dei:

Up over above heads lost in

Hypnotic focus – back beyond far

Distance, gigantic evergreens bow

Obeisance; sapping soaked, golden

Shards-cum-stream tinted ambrosia


Glorious days such as, are

Rare one thousandth part in

Lifelong decades; vibrations

Co-rehearse, stalling time-relative

Acute memory cells engaging

Mind juncture memorabilia


So Our beat goes on – riding

Generation triumphant wings

Quietly confident Faith’s hope

Will assuage historic parity

And …

‘…… colour of a man’s skin

is of no more significance

than the colour of his eyes ……………..  HIM


Bupsed Out …

Spent a small fortune on spirits

Truly felt I was getting somewhere

Kept looking over her left shoulder

Every minute, typical

Type – frightened doe stalked by naked fear


Her deepest-red micro skirt left

Videos for imagination

Prudeness and behaviour neatly swept

Aside triggered airborne sensation

Deliberate bending and stooping

Falsely interpreted, success

Offered shared taxi – did the right thing

Her ride pulled-up: she jumped in, he pressed.


Would have been easy to, just break down

Construe an emotional cop-out

Instead, I chose alcohol; let my

Consciousness drown, soon began to shout

An angel in fishnets and hot-pants

Came to my rescue, soothing my mind

Everything, was in our frozen glance

And true-true love I managed to find…