Tune into local resident, one and only name-brand, man with hardcore lyrical content, pushing Roodbwoy lyrics like sand.  Lis’sen!  When I tell you – watch me at the micro-stand, making idiot-fool black and blue, kill soun’bwoy and execute my plan.  Dread a’ top-ranking controller; give them hot, sweet like cherry.  Girls run come in any order, soun’bwoy’s not shy to mash-up punani.  Hear! Me a push and galang, galang; running things hot, chatting hard and strong.  Lis’sen how me slick and secure, could never say me do things wrong – ever-faithful, everlasting, ever sure.  Fling off pantie and bra if you really want some more, hoist up pussy and bend over, if you really want wood to bore.  Going to give you in a back-shot fever, ram wood hard and juice-up interior; approaching the final furlong; this one’s a bareback rider – stroking pussy hard and strong – pulling ‘pon quarter-pound of sensimillia. Of course me a’ go gi’ you in’na rub-a-dub style; going to rub and wind, mash-up pussy-face, turn girl-child wild and, make her scream and shout down the place…..


Soldiers Of Misfortune:

In this world of misdirected souls, my heart attempts to fall weary, while my temperature borders cold and my eyes, disturbingly teary.  Many have fallen on the battlefield, no quarter given – fighting to the last.  Of numerous families forced to grieve, broken lives are left to savour an unhappy, never-ending past.  Even the suicide bombers deserve sympathetic condolence, trapped in a world unnecessarily unforgiving; compelled to take life – with an innocent ignorance, sacrificing heinously abused minds at the whim of religious profiteering. Reminiscent of those ancient assassins; convinced they were headed to golden fields of paradise.  Bright, young saplings – victims of demonic lies.  There’s no end to this miasmic rigmarole of unholy religious warfare.  Again,and again, this horrific sinkhole – filled with dirty, sacrilegious devils who don’t care about the fatherless children, or their widowed mothers – plays the part of murderous, despicable heathen masquerading as god-fearing soldiers….