Vengeful tithes, paying disrespect

Augur repudiation of

Time circumspect, fathered by lost

Remuneration incurred through

Deviant illusions – barefaced


Oh yes! I looked, and thrice – slyly

Head tilted, bent to side, squint eyes

Spliced; those bones crease over-scrubbed skin

Shone mirrors on quilted hands, manned

Constantly, fate’s never stop ring, phones

Shudder mind and body: conjoined

Twins cruelly tagged, well tardy

Tears without hope bragged, foolhardy

Spineless coward’s bluff; switched fear

Courts abuse whilst enough, shouts quickly

Entice disinterested stares

Soon to realize careless fools

We’re on our own – no one cares

For statistics, browed ’til beaten

Senselessly, and to withered pulp

No sense to ask: have you eaten

Massed spittle forces noisy gulps


No peace, or sympathy given

Pent-up fury forced from Hell’s core

Sea-waves lift up to high heaven

Banshee’s howl mix with demon’s roar

Liquid walls – no care for life, or

Home; relentless as death is sure

And winds blow voraciously on

Uprooted trees catapulted

Against any opposition

Electric light suffocated

Human endurance limp, broken


We pray, and continue to say

‘Please, Lord, take this nightmare away.’

















































































































































































































































































































































































‘Please, Lord, take this nightmare away.’