All aryu quiet no ass

When people a’ bang dem

Mout’ pon arwe, over ya

a’ talk ’bout Sin Kitts a Bleach

Lord! Pon me sin and trouble

Jesus! Lord, have mercy pon me


Me love Puerto Rico

And Jamaica, too

Untie the twist in your heart

So me can truly love you

Long time you a’ cut behind

A’ play like me don’t see

Still you cast evil, bad mind

Fu wuk science against me

Look! Is me and God alone

Yu coven thick, and plenty

Always slumming it, in poverty zone

But ca’an erase history

God aint partial, no matter you

Boast and brag; just remember

Mark of de beast tu’n people mad

So listen to me complaint

Long time a wa’an tell you

Bout you cl’aaat: two face

Ca’an come saint, and yu asshole

Chat and blow pure fart….



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Chased invisible breeze

Blind to very strong wind

Bumped into big, tall trees

As unsettled birds sing

Expelled harsh, cutting words

When pain began to bite

Demons in Hell soon heard

A beaten soul: crying @night.


Just like beauty, difference is

Only skin deep – burst any lip

Red blood most certainly seeps

An imperative of conscience

Demands equality presides

Discrimination breeds nonsense

Jealousy and grudge coincide

Then, war and strife sing: ‘here comes our bride.’


Britain came out of England, hybrid

Permutations consisting New World

An entire Mirage, so stupid

Confuses community goals

Back to, where I come from? You mean

Albion abroad? Where sun never

Sets, coerced: problems, unforeseen

Reveal times we’ll never forget


Even after ‘Hell’s Holocaust,’

We fail to learn critical lessons

Some, brave enough, denying cost

Inveigle these lasting impressions

History augmented gas chambers

Classified his recorded shame

Easy! Saying: ‘no-one remembers

Continued despicable games


There are times I may be excused

Thinking, we have actually

Hit brick walls: racism suffused

Society’s fabric, virtually

Set up quaint, postmodernist stalls

Ingrained with sectional enclaves

Incredibly, colour bar still

Exists – but, evil and depraved

Xenophobes occupy every

Shade, in; hypocritical twists.




Flag First:

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You’re so bloody predictable

Almost impossible to believe

Such parody – inexcusable

Especially when pretending

To grieve, and holding high office

To boot, specifically honed

As example to all, maybe

Prayers will suffice – first fruits

If Mas’sa God hears and answer

Our call, bequeathing us mercy

Not at all something we barter

Pride comes before proverbial fall

As befits a common enemy

I’m on bended knee, you stand tall…

Still Hurting:

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Loved her so much, it’s impossible

To say; she’s my guiding light

Supported me everyday – now she’s gone

Left my heart swollen, not knowing

Where I’m from, absently beholden

No late night calls but I leave my phone

On; unexplainable falls, serve to

Confirm she’s really gone


Silent screams pervade my nightmares

Fear lurks behind every door

It’s no use pretending I don’t care

Ignorance condones it all the more

Maybe, if I went to sleep, forget

To wake when morning clean

Praise Father-God, my soul to keep

Mark my footsteps, confirm what I mean.


Screams Beyond The Grave:

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Word wakes me early morning

Belligerently dragging me to ink’s well

Now, a new day – barely dawning

Allows my fragrant, literary spell

With crisp, intuitive rhyme

Like roses, their sweetest smell

Freshly spun, immediate time

Swiftly drawn from fate’s wishing well


Open this box to eternity

Weave mesmeric, fresh spun creeping yarns

There are many yet, you choose me

Amidst eerie silence, and calm…


Awoke this morn, bristling pure chat

Steadily, committed to paper

Choice, literary stinging slaps – for

POTUS, putting on his diaper

This – would be – plenipotentiary

Basks abroad – highest chair gathers

Dust – spoke for the world, every

Body except me, threatening

Coerced innocents; truth be told

He’s become public enemy’s

Hellish hive of incompetence

Doesn’t realise┬ádead souls are living

People whilst, dead people haunt living

Souls, those; who are far away remain

Members of faith’s disciples, their

Names lifted up high – written in gold

Humanity’s hope calls future

Continuity, empty dreams

Plaster deep emblazoned footprints

Listen! Hear The Dead who still scream

Our rotten consciences stink

Terrorism, Hell And The Damned:

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Slick deities guile humanity

Command their most audacious praise

Fool’s boast Hell’s masculinity

Whilst women are freely enslaved

What a way religion has drowned

Mixed with Evil most incarnate

Simply, sold out for British pounds

Hence: turgid crimes slowly inflate


Gilded lies promise Forever

Heated furore – when lives are pledged

Backpacks screen merciless fire

Damned Armageddon – sorely wedged

Between young mind’s confused fervour

Lurks wily hypnotic transcendence

Cataclysmic misdemenour

Blindly conveys misplaced vengeance


Uniformed soldiers – for the flag

She said they callously took turns

Wilfully used, like a soiled rag

Same time – watching, as her home burns

It’s religious war, there’s no doubt

Hypocrisy covers the globe

Murder assails with frenzied shout

Killing for god is now in vogue


These disreputable demons

Still sport comfortable faces

Some, crucifix adorned heathen

Sentence worlds pushing up daisies

Each soul reckoned, passed; sell by date

Humbled suffering soon appeased

Death is certain, at any rate

In time, all life must surely cease.

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